Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wash n' Go

Our washing machine is broken.

The last time this happened, we were footloose and fancy free with not a care (or child) in the world.

Do you know how disastrous a broken washer is in a house with two small children? Well, allow me to recap a few highlights of the last 48 hours:

1. The small one has become an absolute pro in the ever popular game of "eat waaaay more then your tummy can hold and then spew it up all over yourself, the furniture and anyone who happens to be within spewing distance." Once your tummy is empty, latch back on and repeat as often as you like until boredom overtakes you or you fall asleep, whichever comes first.

2. The Snot Queen is Teething. Again. This time, she's added explosive nappies to her repetoire of teething talents. Nappies so explosive that her clothes need changing every time she fills one. Thank you love. Much appreciated.

3. At some point during our walk this morning, she also found a lovely pile of doggy feces in which to rest her weary laurels, along with her boots and the bottom half of her pants...

4. And did I mention that the small one is in cloth nappies?

Oh well! If worse comes to worse, we can always turn up the heat, let them run around naked and then just hose them down before bed...


  1. Ha, lucky you...

    I couldn't even imaagine our washing machine broken with one small baby


  2. You have my sympathy.
    Mine died when the baby was three weeks old. NIGHTMARE. I went like a snivelling wreck to the Credders to beg for a loan for a new one.
    Hope you get washing soon.