Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Pox Stops Here...

All in all, I have to say that last week's run in with the vomiting bug wasn't that bad at all. The not so tiny one, despite not being able to keep down her food for nearly a week and living pretty much entirely off of the old booby milk, didn't lose so much as an ounce and at no point did her spirits ever flag or did I ever worry for her well being.

No. The illness itself wasn't that bad at all. What did drive me loopy though, was the isolation. That lovely period called quaranteen where you don't step foot outside of your house for fear that you infect someone else's child and become known as "THAT MOTHER." Where your days all roll into one long Barney filled blur and the soundtrack to your life goes something like this;





It was also pissing down rain most of the week which ruled out even the tiniest hope of going outdoors and maybe, just maybe, catching sight of another adult figure somewhere in the distance. At one point, I was NEARLY tempted to answer the door to one of the political canvassers doing the rounds...

For an entire week, my world revolved around vomit. Cleaning it out of the sheets, the towels, the floors, the clothes and the girls. When I wasn't mopping up bodily fluids, I could be found refereeing fights over who had the ____________ (fill in the blank with the name of any object really, it doesn't matter, they probably fought over it at some point!) first and who pushed who and why eating butter straight from the packet is not a good idea.

In short, it was a loooonnnngggg week.

However, eventually, it ended and on Saturday night we celebrated our puke free status by going to a wedding. The girls had a ball. Having had no company but each other and myself for the past week, they went mental at the sight of other children and danced the night away in that insanely energetic way that only the under 5's and the overly chemically enhanced can.

Monday found us at our weekly Mums and Babies Coffee morning where once again, the girls partied like there was no tomorrow, as though something was about to happen that would have us locked indoors again for the foreseeable future...

Something spotty...

And itchy...

And highly infections...

Yup. You guessed it, the Snot Queen has the chicken Pox and we are back in quaranteen again...

The fun never stops.


  1. well sweety... hopefully the girls, yes both of them, have a mild case of the itchy spotted stuff and come throught it with flying colours.. give them a kiss and hug from faraway granda

  2. Hugs and kisses for all of you from a distance. Hopefully it won't last too long. Am having flashbacks of when you and your siblings had them. Love you all.

  3. Oh dear. At least, that will be done and over with. My 7 years old still never picked it up and the older they get the worse it gets. Hope they all feel better soon. Oh by the way, you probably know it, but if they already have spots then they are not contagious anymore!

  4. Haha,, I was THAT mother... we took Rob out once he was non infectious... and he took every opportunity to lift his shirt and run around saying, I'm a spotty beast!!

  5. Oh no! At least you have t'internet for adult company, we are all out here honest...and for most kids chicken pox is the only thing that's easy to catch cos no vaccination (tho is there one now?) so this could be your last quarantine!