Friday, October 8, 2010

Style Watch

The Snot Queen has taken to dressing herself. She has been at this for a while, but lately has taken a much more militant stance when it comes to what she will (and more to the point what she WON'T wear)

Currently in are dresses. Not just dresses, but party dresses. Princess dresses. The kind of dresses sensible mothers keep wraped in plastic and save for special occasions. These have become her day to day wear.

A trip to the library? Hmmmmm.... Perhaps that little number she wore for our wedding last year...

Going to the park? Oooooh! The swanky New Year's outfit my Aunt bought her!

A trip to the shopping centre is deemed worthy of nothing less then the flamenco dress my sister in law picked up for her in Spain last year.

And her absolute favourite, wear it every day that it isn't in the wash, worn so many times the black velvet polka dots are now small grey smudges, is her Christmas eve dress from last year. Paired with a kicky little pair of bright pink sneakers and she's ready for anything.

Right now she's downstairs eating "Dragon Cereal" (better known as Tesco "Rice Snaps") whilst wearing a very mod looking pink and black belted mini dress complete with black leggings, a fluffy pink jacket with teddy bear ears and a winter hat.

Gok Wan, watch out.

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  1. I think she gets her fashion sense from you. I remember a few outfits for jurior high that concerned me regarding frost bite but I wasn't looking at the whole picture till your older sister got home and told me how the outfit looked. Love you and your writing.